Specialty Cakes

Three layers of pure decadence made fresh just for you.
Please order 24-48 hours in advance.
6” Serves 4-6 $28.
8” serves 8-10 $42.
10” serves 10-15 $48.
Cupcakes regular size $39.per dozen  ~  large size $48. per dozen
(Cupcakes minimum order 1 dozen per type )

Cake Flavors ~ Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon Blueberry , Almond, Red Velvet, Orange, Lemon, or Spice.
Cake Fillings ~ Butter cream (vanilla, almond, lemon, mocha, chocolate ganache) Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter, Raspberry or Lemon Curd.
Butter Creams ~ Vanilla, Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Strawberry,  Mocha, Cream Cheese, Lemon, Orange, Almond or Maple.

Carrot Cake                                                                                            8” $50.               10” $60.
A classic carrot cake, three layers of cake with pecans, plump raisins, coconut and cream cheese frosting smothered in crushed almonds

Cannoli Cake                                                                                          8” $50.                10” $60.             Adorn with small cannoli                                                                       6/$18.                  8/$24

A beautiful almond cake with three layers of our own cannoli filling with an almond butter cream covered in mini chocolate chips and topped with fresh filled cannoli.

Almond Orange Cake GF & DF                                                          8” $45.
Almond Orange cake, orange filling and frosting covered in slivered Almonds.

 Dobos Torte                                                                                           8” $45.
Seven Layer almond sponge cake with Swiss chocolate butter cream covered in toasted slivered almonds.

Cannoli Platters

“Always a bakers dozen.”
Chocolate adorned cannoli shells.
Ricotta cannoli  filling Traditional, Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio.
Toppings chocolate chips, shaved chocolate, coconut, crushed  almonds.
All Assorted.
Small Cannoli                                                                               $36./dozen
                                                                           Additional Sm. cannoli $3.00ea.
Large Cannoli                                                                              $63./dozen
                                                                            Additional Lg. cannoli $5.00ea.

Dessert Platters

Priced per Dozen
Brownies                                                                                $36/dozen
(12—3” brownies cut in 1/2 triangles 24 pieces)                                                                                           

Lemon Bars (24 bite size pieces)                                               $36.00                                                      

Chocolate Chips Cookie Squares (24 bite size pieces)               $35.                                                          

Mississippi Mud Pies (24 bite size pieces)                                  $35.                                                       

Whoopie Pies                                                                        $36/dozen                                                           

Triple Dipped Chocolate covered Strawberries.                      $45/dozen

Cookies Platters 

priced by the dozen of each kind                                     $25/dozen                                                             Almond horns, Biscotti, Butter Cookies dipped in chocolate, Chocolate chip cookies, Italian Anise cookies, Lemon Angenetti, Madeleine’s, Mexican wedding cookies, Peanut Butter cookies. Madeleine’s Dipped in white chocolate.